Snap Wrap Type (UW)

UCWS Coupling



  The basic "US" coupling with "Snap-Wrap" type Elastomer and removable collar

  Inspection and replacement of "Snap-Wrap" without disturbing the alignment of hubs possible(Drive and Driven Unit)

  Inspection / Replacement of Elastomer within 5 minutes with minimal efforts.

  Maintenance of machines splitting at centerline of shaft is possible without disturbing shaft alignments because of "Snap-Wrap" concept

Technical Details

UCWS Coupling Diagram



  Rated torque range: 21nm - 4308nm

  Torsional Stiffness range: 275 - 183633 nm/Radian

  KW Rating at 100 RPM range: 0.22 - 45 and 3.30 - 675 at 1500 RPM and 6.60 - 346 at 3000 RPM



 *Please refer the technical data sheet for details