Tyre Type Couplings (UT)

UT Coupling


  Highest miss-alignment tolerance: Parallel – Max 6 mm, Angular – Max 4 Degrees, End Float – Max 6 mm

  In case of failure of Tyre, torque transmission is stopped – safeguarding euipments.

  Better protections in impact load and heavy shocks.

  No lubrication required

Technical Details

UCWS Coupling Diagram



  Maximum misalignment: Parallel - 1.10mm to 4.80mm

  Maximum misalignment: End Float - 1.30mm to 6.00mm

  Rated torque range: 21.01nm - 5481.28nm

  Torsional Stiffness range: 286 - 79,068 nm/Radian

  KW Rating at 100 RPM range: 0.22 - 57.40



 *Please refer the technical data sheet for details