Spare Elastomers


  Spider, Snap-wrap and Cushions are made from Petroleum oil resistant, highly resilient, abrasion resistant, elastic and high strength rubber

  This superior quality rubber allows Utkarsh Couplings to work in a temperature range of 40°C to 100°C

  Confirms to ASTM Specifications

  A built in spacing feature Raised Dots maintains correct gap between the jaws

  Spider, T Cushion and Snap wraps are also available in Polyurethane for higher torque and service life

  Tyres and Bushes are made from natural rubber. Can withstand up to 70°C

  Metal Elastomers are made from special S.S. to ASTM Specification.

Finish Bore Instructions:

  While machining finish bore, ensure that it is concentric to Jaw OD

  Pilot Bore = Min. Bore – 2 mm

  Key-way should be at the center of two jaws

  For higher torque with fluctuations, clearance at the top of the key is recommended

Alignment Instructions:

  During alignment, hold a straight edge on both the jaws and see that there is no gap. Check the gap at least at three different positions.

  The gap between jaw and body should be equal and as specified

  All the foundation bolts should be properly tight

  The coupling should be free to rotate after alignment

  Check periodically that all foundation are properly tight and gap between the jaws is maintained



 US Spider



 Snap Wrap