Two Snap-Wrap With Spacer (UWS)

UCWS Coupling


  Specially designed for machines requiring space for maintenance

  Only Screw Driver is required to dismantle coupling for Maintenance / Inspection

  Down Time is very low

  Having 2 Snap-wrap Elastomers means double flexibility

  Floating Aluminum spacer

Technical Details

UCWS Coupling Diagram




  Rated torque range: 21nm - 327nm

  Torsional Stiffness range: 275 - 6990 nm/Radian

  KW Rating at 100 RPM range: 0.2 - 3.4 and 3.3 - 51.5 at 1500 RPM and 6.6 - 102.9 at 3000 RPM



 *Please refer the technical data sheet for details