Products Data Sheets

Metal Flex type Couplings:Metal Flex with Spacer (UMS) | FPS*
Metal Flex Coupling (UMK) | FPS
Snap Wrap type couplings:Two Snap Wrap with Spacer (UWS) | FPS
Snap Wrap & Flange (UWF) | FPS
Snap Wrap (UW) | FPS
Bush Type Couplings:Pin Bush Type with Plain Bushes (UPB) | FPS
Pin Bush Type with Curved Bushes (UB) | FPS
Taper Bush | FPS
Pin & Conical Rings type Couplings:Pin & Conical Rings with CI Tape (URCT) | FPS
Pin & Conical Rings type (URC) | FPS
Spider Type:Spider Coupling (US) | FPS
Spider and Spacer (USS) | FPS
Spider & Flange (USF) | FPS
Other type Couplings:T Cushion & Spacer Type(UCWS) | FPS
Tyre Type (UT) | FPS


*If you want to see/download data sheet in FPS (Foot-Pound-Second) unit please click on 'FPS' link